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verification, you will need to prove that you are the legal owner of the card used for any sort of transaction on Binomo. A bank statement will also serve the purpose of residence proof verification. The picture cannot contain any shadows, reflections and it can not be obscured with any objects. A scanned image must be clear, where everything is visible and can be easily discernible.
Before you do that, you will have to verify your trading account and identity with Binomo. You only need to verify your identity. After you've received a verification request, traders have to upload these documents: Frontal positioning from all documents is required, which means you can't take a picture of a file from a side angle. Binomo has made verification mandatory to ensure that users have a safe trading experience. Pictures in jpeg or PNG format. Though you can upload any of these documents, you should make sure that all their information is visible. You can use any photo editor app to hide the last numbers of your credit card. If it is a bank statement, it must show either the logo of your bank or an official seal. Users are free to deposit and trade funds until Binomo sends you a request to verify your information.

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How do I verify my identity? This rule applies to both deposits and withdrawals. For your debit or credit card verification, you need to upload a how to withdraw money from iq option in india scanned photo of both sides of the card. You'll need to follow these steps to verify your identity in Binomo: The status of your verification will change to pending. Hence a scanned copy of both sides of the card must be provided.
All edges must be visible on all sides and avoid cropping the document. Here are some common problems you might face during the verification process: When your documents don't pass verification, they get assigned a try again or declined status. If it is a passport, only a scan how to verify iq option account india of the page with your photo is required. Tax statement, official document with the stamp from the municipality. However, it only takes a few minutes to complete the verification process. All edges must be visible on all sides and documents can not be cropped. Any of the above-mentioned documents would be enough to confirm your address. To back up their promise of safe how to withdraw money from iq option in india trading on the platform, Binomo has made it compulsory for users to verify their personal information before they make any investments. How can I verify my account on Binomo? Credit or debit card verification, you will also have to verify whether the debit or credit card you use for funding your account belongs to you or not.

How can I verify my account on, binomo? Identity verification is crucial in the situation where monetary transactions take place. All trading platforms, including, binomo, ask their clients for a residence address. Credit or debit card.

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How to verify binomo account Online Trading Strategy Starting trading on Binomo is a straightforward process. After that, the bank card verification status will change to pending, and you'll have to wait for at least 10 minutes for confirmation. If you're having issues verifying your bank card, contact the Binomo support team, and they'll try to help you out. You will also not be able to deposit or withdraw funds from your trading account if you do not verify your credit or debit card or any payment method you wish to use. A picture equal to or less than eight megabytes in size.
But you won't be able to withdraw funds until you receive confirmation about how to verify iq option account the verification. Apart from being a compulsion binomo account verification by the law, the procedure will also help protect your funds. The document should mention your residence address so that the broker can verify your residence proof. General requirements for all document verification. If you wish to trade with Binomo, you cannot skip the identity verification part, as it is mandatory for all the traders. Their website and application provide access to a wide range of financial assets and analytical tools. After submitting all the requisite documents, Binomo will take only some time to verify the same. You need not be concerned about giving away your personal information to Binomo, as it takes care of your privacy. Therefore, you cannot start trading in it without completing the verification process.

Binomo account verification requires you to complete the following steps: Verify your address of residence. Verify that you are the legal owner of the credit or debit card that you are using on, binomo for deposits and/. In, binomo, verification is a confirmation of your identity and means of payment like bank cards. The procedure is compulsory for financial market regulators and payment service providers to continue legally.

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Why do I need it? After that, once your identity is confirmed, Binomo will update it to "Done." In rare cases, you won't have to verify the payment methods, and you'll get the Verified status right away. Make sure that the picture is not too binomo account verification large because the maximum image size is eight megabytes. Why is it essential to verify your Binomo account? The image must be in either jpeg or PNG format.
Occasionally, you might face issues during the verification process. There's no compulsion to verify on registering. You can provide Binomo with a scanned copy of your passport for your identity verification. Frontal positioning for all documents is required, which means you can not take a picture of a document from a side/angle. Your full name, numbers, dates, binomo account verification and all corners of the documents should be visible. The verification is also a part of the broker regulation as they are legally bound to verify your identity. The process is usually initiated when you attempt to withdraw funds from the account. If you see the try again status, follow these steps to find out the reason for the rejection of your documents: Usually, the document gets rejected because they don't meet all the requirements for verification.

Once verification is requested, traders can t withdraw their funds until their account is verified. How do I verify my identity? 1) Click on, verify in the pop-up notification.

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