A new way to play golf on the Driving Range


Golfshotz software

Golf-Shotz software is designed for a latest type of  golf range experience where fun and games are the focus. Golf-Shotz offers 7 games. Have fun with friends and improve your own game with challenges or targets training. This games will attract any level of golfers from beginners to experts. With Golfshotz, getting non-golfers to hit some balls for the first time is now fun and easy.

Why Golfshotz?

The goal of Golfshotz is to respond to all kind of players.

Neophyte player who can:

  1. Discover golf with known games (Bowling, darts ...)

  2. Play games according to his level

  3. Compete against his expert friends.


Expert golfer will be able to:

  1. Get his club data

  2. Get his ball data

  3. Get his club distances

  4. Work on his trajectories (height and direction)

  5. Improve his accuracy

  6. Work on his driving and green attacks

  7. Control his evolution on Mygolfshotz.com (coming soon)

What distinguish Golf Shotz from the competition ?

  1. In order to train efficiently and make it as interesting as possible, players need all informations about the club and the ball. Golf Shotz is the only system who gives access to club data parametres.

  2. For a good training the ball flight must be mesured according to the conditions (wind, temperature... etc) and not estimated...

  3. To spend time on the driving range it must be fun and interactive  

Golfshotz is the only system which offers these 3 points at the same time.

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